Dive Sites in Venice – Dive now with Venice Diving in the North East Italy Gulf

Dive sites in Venice, Italy, may vary from Rocky Reef Sites, Shore Dives or Wreck Dives Sites. Our Rocky Reef Site are called TEGNUE.
For Wreck Diving, click here.

Why the name “Tegnue” for the Venice Dive Sites?

These rocks have been called the “Tegnue” by the local fishermen, because they used to catch and break their nets. Tegnue, means “caught”, “held” in our italian dialect. They are a group of rocks formed quite recently, in correspondence with the methane gas emissions, thus provoking the cementation of the sea bed and creating a reef, with some that reach over a meter in height.

The environment is super full of life but unfortunately it’s quite common to find an un-transparent waters. This is due to the abundance of plankton, thanks to the nutrients from the rivers.

Moreover the anticlockwise circulation brings the limpid, poor and salty waters from the Mediterranean to go back up to the Albanian coastline and that of the Ex-Yugoslavia, right up until they lap the Istrian coast. Here they start to collect all the nutrients that are emptied into the sea by the population. The plankton start to find enough food and we can see the first algae flower, that from Trieste , coming towards Venice and the south, consent the large breeding grounds for filtering shell fish such as mussels and clams, in water that is very rich in substance yet less limpid in colour.

But we are very very rich in Lobster and other crustaceans like few other place in the diving world. Read and look below all that the Tegnue may offer to you.